The Student Thesis Conference (STC) is a unique annual event held in Sport, Health and Exercise Science (SHES) at the University of Hull. Since its launch in 2011, STC has grown into a sector-leading platform for undergraduates to showcase their research through effective presentation and communication skills.

It’s an essential skill to be able to present in front of a large audience and this conference gives you that opportunity to do so, whether it’s a poster or your 3rd year presentation”  Student comment about STC2016

STC aims to engage students in achieving their full potential through inspiration and participation. The Conference provides a vibrant inter-disciplinary forum for students to share their ideas and the outcomes of their intellectual efforts with staff, peers and postgraduates. STC2018 will see approximately 500 delegates in attendance with over 200 oral and poster presentations displaying an incredible diversity of research across the fields of exercise, health, nutrition, human performance, coaching, and sport rehabilitation.

As an exciting and stimulating day, STC is dedicated to fostering student confidence through the challenge of critically engaging with and disseminating research. With our Foundation and First Year students attending as conference delegates our Second year students make a poster presentation to propose a study they plan to undertake. Our Third year students are the stars of the show and deliver an oral presentation on the Dissertation project they have recently completed. STC is the now biggest and most popular event in the academic calendar. It is at the heart of the student experience and underlines the progressive learning and teaching strategy delivered in SHES.

At STC we invite successful SHES alumni  to return and share their accomplishments to inspire our present students. All Guest speaker profiles and the Programme of Events are available on the website along with the STC video and the Handbook of Research Abstracts.

You can keep up with all the events and live conference tweets and photos on Twitter @HullSportExSci #STC2018.