Rebecca Leigh

Graduate Sports Assistant, St Peter’s School, York

Rebecca graduated from the University of Hull in 2014 with a First Class BSc (Hons) in Sport & Exercise Science. Throughout her time at university, she was able to successfully balance her studies alongside playing netball in BUCS and being an active member of the Hull University Netball Squad committee. In her final year she was keen to explore the clinical side of her degree further and wrote a Systematic Review on the effectiveness of high-intensity interval training in cardiology patients.

Unsure of what career path to take and with a versatile degree under her belt, Rebecca went into the world of work open-minded and eager to gain experience in several areas of sport and beyond. The whirlwind that was her first year of employment included several seasonal jobs including sports coaching and cover supervising in a school and college, event work, instructing in an Italian ski resort, and working with young people on a summer programme in Manchester. Despite advice about not moving jobs too often, Rebecca was confident that the wealth of skills and knowledge gained from her experiences would be an advantage for positions to come.

Towards the end of 2015 Rebecca moved to London to become a Health Adviser with Bupa. In this role she was able to use and develop clinical skills and knowledge learned from her lectures and practical sessions at university. The opportunity to live and work in one of the best cities in the world was invaluable, but something was missing – she felt she needed more variety and creativity in the workplace!

Rebecca is now thriving as Graduate Sports Assistant in an independent boarding and day school in York and has recently been offered a second year at the school to undertake her Postgraduate Certificate in Education. The diversity of teaching and the fast-paced environment mean the skills she has gained and developed from her undergraduate studies, including presenting at two Student Thesis Conference events plus subsequent work and volunteering after that, have set her up perfectly for this energetic career!

Rebecca is extremely grateful and excited to have been asked to return and present at STC2018. She is looking forward to catching a few presentations and seeing how much this fantastic annual event has developed in four years!